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Rebecca Lowe Therapy has taken extensive actions to protect clients using this service from the spread of the virus. Information is provided on our COVID-19 appropriate counselling options.

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Relationship Counselling
in Darwin

High quality, professional counselling and therapy services provided in a discreet and comfortable venue. With extensive experience and training in couples and family therapy, Rebecca works with maturity, expertise and personal connection. Clients are assisted to create a safe space from which to explore, understand and grow through any of life’s challenging and sometimes bewildering circumstances. Rebecca can assist through relationship counselling, family therapy, in-depth individual counselling, online therapy and more.

Flexible weekly and after hours appointments. Ample off street parking in Parap location.


Relationship Counselling

Marriage counselling and couples therapy addressing all issues couples can face in a relationship; conflict, miscommunication, parenting, intimacy and connection, infidelity, illness and mental health issues, grief and loss, life transitions, re-location, isolation and more

Family Therapy

All families are welcome. Therapy can be provided for all manner of relationship dynamics including adult child and parent, whole family groups or particular family pairs. Rebecca is experienced with step or blended families, LGBTIQA+ and cross-cultural families

Individual Therapy

Short term counselling or long term in-depth psychotherapy is available for individuals wishing to work through challenges life presents. Issues may include depression, anxiety, relationships, work, parenting, family, childhood trauma, grief and loss, one's identity, domestic violence, separation, seeking a meaningful life and more

Walk and Talk Therapy

This is exactly as it sounds; sessions can be provided while walking together outdoors. Some people find this a more suitable way to get started with therapy while others who find it quite uncomfortable sitting in a room prefer talking while walking side by side. Well adjusted animals are welcome to be brought along.

Animal Inclusive Therapy

Animals can be included in a number of ways:
- Attend the therapy sessions; polite pets are welcome to be brought along
- Pet Bereavement and Loss Therapy
- Attend the Walk and Talk Therapy sessions

Online Therapy and Phone Counselling

Couple and individual sessions can be provided via secure online video as well as via phone for a wide variety of people and situations. From those who live rural or remote or who have limited access to face to face sessions such as being home bound to those who just can’t fit in ‘attending’ sessions.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Counselling support to address challenges such as depression, anxiety and stress as well as understanding and managing challenging emotions such as anger, fearfulness and high distress. Mental health and wellbeing is seen from a relational perspective, taking the whole person, life and context into consideration.

Family and Domestic Violence Counselling

Sensitive, compassionate, non-judgemental therapy for all people impacted by all violence, from subtle coercive violence, financial control, verbal abuse to physical harm, whether wishing to leave or to stay. Counselling is also provided to those wishing to take responsibility and face their own use of violence

Trauma and Crisis Counselling

Provision of short and long-term psychotherapy to address any ongoing impact of past trauma (such as in childhood) or recent trauma or current crisis in a supportive, non-judgemental and caring manner. Sessions are undertaken in a relaxed and friendly space from a trauma informed perspective

Marriage Preparation Course

Consisting of an extensive and personally tailored online questionnaire (PREPARE/ENRICH) with facilitated couple learning sessions, available with certificate, workbook and handouts. This service can also be specifically tailored for all other couples wishing to undertake a relationship focused questionnaire

Individual Relationship Preparation

Prepare to enter into dating or a long term relationship by exploring your own history, bringing about increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This is also for those who have already been in long term relationships and wish to better prepare, whether for future relationships or not

Parent Support

Whether considering starting a family and seeking pre parent consultations, struggling to connect with your baby, raising a preschooler, ten year old or adolescent, sessions can be provided to assist with mindful parenting and relationship strengthening.

Separation and Divorce Consultations

A consultation service can be provided that will assist parents to focus on their children. Assistance is provided to build a co-operative parenting relationship during or post-separation. Child Focused (just the parents are seen) or Child Inclusive (parents and children seen separately) sessions available

Group Workshops

Relationship, connection, family, parenting and mindfulness focused group classes and workshops will be offered from time to time. Please register your interest by making contact. Workshops and information sessions can also be developed and delivered for organisations and businesses

Organisations and Professionals

Supervision is available for all professionals provided by a qualified and experienced Social Worker with current AASW membership
Workshops and information sessions can be developed and delivered to Government, NGO’s and private businesses as well as requests taken for EAP counselling sessions and crisis debriefing

Further Information

This list of services offer a guide to who and for what reasons you may wish to meet with Rebecca. If you feel your reasons for wanting to are not covered here, please still make contact, as all people, all circumstances and all issues will be taken seriously and will be welcomed to be considered for this service being the right fit for your needs.


Why see a Relationship Therapist

‘Everyone needs a Relationship Counsellor!’ Stuart Park resident

Couple and Family Therapy is interested in relationships and we have a relationship with everything. From a relationship with how we feel about ourselves (impacting our mental health) to our past, our workplace, friends, our pets, partners and children; we relate. With a background in Social Work, Rebecca takes all of this into account, working from a ‘whole of life’ relational perspective. With extensive experience and training in Couple and Family Therapy and working as a Relationship Therapist, all of life’s complexities and each person’s unique experience is honoured and given voice.

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