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Covid-19 Information

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COVID-19 information for clients

COVID-19 pandemic and the strict measures put in place by our Governments need to be taken very seriously. Rebecca Lowe Therapy has taken extensive actions to protect clients using this service from spread of the illness. As an ‘allied health’ service, in-person sessions can still occur, however these will be with strict hygiene and social distancing measures in place at all times. Limitations to family and children’s counselling. Please see below.
As ‘harsh’ as all these measures below may seem, I will still provide my clients with as warm, friendly and inviting a service as I possibly can. Support for mental health and relationships has never been more important.

Rebecca Lowe Therapy now provides 3 COVID-19 appropriate counselling options:

1. ‘No Contact’ via online and phone
2. ‘Minimal Contact In-Person’ (face-to-face) with strict hygiene and social distancing
3. ‘Minimal Contact Walk and Talk’ therapy, walking outdoors, in-person with hygiene and strict social distancing
I have successfully completed the Australian Government Department of Health e-learning course ‘Infection Control Training COVID – 19’

*Services will be updated in accordance with Government pandemic control measures.

‘No Contact’

Via online or phone video-conferencing or phone calls.

Sessions can occur via Skype, ZOOM, FaceTime or WhatsApp. If you don’t have a preference, then the secure online videoconferencing service of ZOOM will be used.

How ‘No Contact’ counselling sessions work:
• Initial contact via email, text or phone with me is made
• We arrange a date and time for the session and method of connecting. A link will be sent to you if using ZOOM. I can talk you through the process of using any of the videoconferencing methods.
• You need a device linked to the internet (smartphone, laptop or pc

Who is this for?
• Individuals and couples
Family ‘pairs’ or small family groups of three to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please talk with me about your circumstances.

‘Minimal Contact In-Person’

No requirement to touch door handles nor wait in waiting room, due to the small practice, seeing or passing by other people is unlikely.

How ‘Minimal Contact In-Person’ works:

• Contact and appointment booking as per normal via phone, email or text
• I will anticipate your arrival (or text me when you arrive) and I will open the front door for you
• Please use the hand sanitizer available for you on arrival
• Make you way to the room, not having to touch any door handles, nor wait in a waiting room
• Session will occur with required minimum social distancing of 1.5 meters at all times. Please respect this distancing at all times.
• Please use hand sanitizer made available before you leave
• If you need to use the bathroom, a hand sanitizer wipe will be supplied for you to touch all surfaces with
• Individuals and couples

Who is this for?

• Individuals and couples
• Family ‘pairs’ (i.e. parent and older child) *on a case-by-case basis depending on age and developmental needs of child

In addition, the following strict hygiene measures are in place:

• No glasses of water or tea and coffee will be offered (sorry). Please bring your own.
• All frequently touched surfaces are disinfected throughout each day
• The client sofa and cushions are disinfected with a spray between all client sessions
• I abide by frequent, thorough handwashing and non-face touching

‘Minimal Contact Walk and Talk’

Meeting outdoors and walking together.

How ‘Minimal Contact Walk and Talk’ Sessions work:

• Contact and appointment booking as per normal via phone, email or text
• We arrange to meet at a suitable public location (i.e. the Esplanade, Fannie Bay and Nightcliff foreshores)
• Payment and signing of consent form to preferably occur beforehand (see notes below)
• We meet, without physical contact (no handshake) and walk and at times sit while talking through the issues you are facing. We will at all times maintain a minimum of 1.5 meters between us.
• Confidentiality is limited by being in public

Who is this for?

• Individuals and couples
• Family ‘pairs’ (i.e. parent and child *depending on age)
• Teenagers
• Older children who connect deeply through talking

Payment and signing of consent form for all 3 options

Payment of fees:

Payment prior to the ‘no contact’ sessions is required via direct debit

• Payment for the two ‘minimal contact’ options can also be prior to each session via direct debit. Or with tap and go, using multiple payments if necessary, to avoid entering your PIN or a single use plastic film over the keypad can be provided.

Signing of my standard consent form:

• I will email you my standard consent form to be read and signed. The two-page consent document can be printed at home and if you don’t have a scanner, just take a photo of the signed page and send this to me. If you don’t have a printer you can write and sign your agreement on paper, with wording I can provide you. Take a photo of this and send it to me.
• If necessary, you can sign the document in-person using your own pen, or a disinfected one of mine and not need to handle the paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Please, if you are unwell in anyway, stay home. If you are well enough, we can easily change to the ‘no contact’ method of video or phone. I will assist you with this. Or we reschedule. Cancelation fees are waived if unwell.

‘In-person’ counselling is not being offered for children; due to the close contact which usually occurs with child counselling sessions (i.e. both sitting on the floor together, leaning over drawings, handling picture cards etc…).
‘Video chat/conferencing’ with younger children will not work as it is harder to connect and to carryout child appropriate activities.
‘Video chat/conferencing’ sessions may be suitable for older children who can engage deeply in talking and for teenagers.
There is also the option of ‘Walk and Talk Therapy’, depending on their age.
These are anxious and challenging times for parents and children. Therefore, what I can definitely provide for children is counselling support for parents in how they can best help their child/ren. As well as ‘coaching’ for parents regarding some useful ways to interact with your children, therapeutic activities to do with them and mindfulness strategies for you all.

Please speak with me about your family circumstances.

Two family members may attend at a time, depending on the age of the child.
‘In Person’ family counselling other than with two people is not possible during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the space we would use not being large enough for adequate social distancing.
‘Walk and Talk’ therapy may also be an option, depending on the age of the child.

Please speak with me about your family circumstances.

This is something many people worry about. Some actions can be put in place to minimise what other people can hear. These include:

• Using earphones so only ‘one side’ of the conversation is potentially able to be heard
• Putting on music or the tv in another room at a louder than usual level
• Putting the a/c on in the room you’re in to help muffle your voice (and consider putting it on in other rooms as well)
• Indicating to those you live with (such as partner and children) that you require one hour of time on your own and that this is to benefit the whole household. You may want to state that you are not to be disturbed unless in an emergency (and state examples of emergencies)
• Give other people in your household tasks or activities to do
• Sitting in your car if it is somewhere cool or you don’t mind it running with the a/c on
• Finding a quite space or nook in your garden

The ‘No Contact’ session will be private from my end and they are both reasonably secure.

Yes this will be able to occur, depending on the measures in place at the time, as directed by our Governments.